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Discovering the "Lat Bloom" Trait in Our Crested Geckos 🌿

In our latest breeding projects, we've observed an intriguing trait we're calling "Lat Bloom." Now I am not saying I am the founder of a new morph or this trait. I have seen similar patterns in other projects outside of my own. But because this is such a prominent trait in my collection (scroll through carousel photos above), I would like a name that we can refer to.

I am not able to find anything in the literature related to this trait. If you are aware of literature describing this trait/phenomenon, please comment below.

This unique feature is characterized by a distinct color transition from the lateral sides towards the dorsal, creating an effect reminiscent of a bloom across the gecko's skin.

We all are familiar with "drip" but this pattern seems to not only have drip from the dorsal, but from the lateral scales as well. "Dripping" in both directions. Or "Lat Bloom"

We're keen to understand more about this trait and are considering "Lat Bloom" as its identifier. It's become a prominent feature in our breeding line, and we believe it deserves a name that accurately reflects its unique nature.

We're reaching out to the community for your insights:

- Have you noticed similar traits in your geckos?

- What are your thoughts on the "Lat Bloom" name, or do you have other suggestions?

We value the collective knowledge and experience of the Crested Gecko community and welcome your opinions and suggestions on this phenomenon. Let's collaborate to better understand and document this fascinating crested gecko trait.

Examples of "Lat Bloom" drip trait from Drakon Geckos
Examples of "Lat Bloom" drip trait from Drakon Geckos
Examples of "Lat Bloom" drip trait from Drakon Geckos

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